Bulletin – Recent Burglaries in Sturgeon Point

This note is to inform Sturgeon Point residents and cottagers that there were several burglaries in Sturgeon Point during the week of January 9th. The burglaries resulted in electronics being stolen and doors and windows being broken. It is possible that some or all of these burglaries happened in a single day and are related as part of a single multiple-site event.

The OPP have stepped up their patrols in response to these events. SPA is in communications with the OPP to explore the possibility of initiating a “Cottage Watch” or similar program. We’ll keep you posted on this initiative.

Regrettably, Sturgeon Point has seen this kind of activity in the past. There are several actions we can all take in order to help safeguard our properties

  1. Be alert to suspicious vehicles and activities. Don’t be afraid to notify the police if you think something looks wrong.
  2. Communicate with your neighbours. Let them know about your plans, including visits by contractors and service people.
  3. Have someone check in on your property in your absence.
  4. Make sure that someone has a phone number where you can be reached in case you need to be contacted.
  5. Make sure that someone has a key to your cottage in case they or the police need access when investigating the state of your property.

Here are the OPP phone numbers you may want to have handy:

Emergencies: 911

Police Dispatch:  (888) 310-1122  (to request the presence of an officer, report a crime, etc):

Lindsay OPP Office: (705) 324-6741 [Follow up, request information, general enquiries, etc.]