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Contact: You can contact SPA by email at: [email protected]


Membership is open to all those with an interest in Sturgeon Point and is especially encouraged if you are a member of the community. You can purchase a membership on the Membership Registration Page.

An annual membership costs $40.00 per person. Fees are put to a number of very good uses, including:

  • maintenance and upgrades of our trustee lands (including the playground, the public beach and the upper wharf waterfront areas, and the leaf dump)
  • activities like the annual street dance, BBQ, and the ever popular Sturgeon Point Regatta (this year its 175th year since the first Regatta!)
  • Flowers, gardens, and general beautification of the Village

An additional but very important function of SPA is the continued liason with the City of Kawartha Lakes. SPA has kept the Village on City Hall’s radar screen and will continue to look out for the interests of our community. A current focus area is the condition of our roads – we expect action on this front in 2010.  The Board has also been very successful in securing substantial grants and donations to finance projects such as the recent upgrade of our playground.  The Board members serve on a volunteer basis and are all members of the Sturgeon Point Community.

If you aren’t already a member of SPA, then please consider joining! Click on the link below to get the membership form, print it and fill it out, and then mail it with a cheque to the address listed below. If you are in the village you can put the form directly into the green SPA mailbox in front of the playground on Irene Ave. at the top of Third Street.

If you have any questions or comments please send us an email.

email: [email protected]

Mailing address:
Sturgeon Point Association
84 Irene Avenue, Sturgeon Point
RR3 Fenelon Falls,
Ontario K0M 1N0

If you are looking for SPA newsletters or AGM documentation, please go to the Archives Page.