SPA Archives

On this page you’ll find newsletters and documentation from past Annual General Meetings (AGM).

Newsletters and Email Communications

The SPA site communicates through a web-based emailing application (MailChimp).

To view news items from 2015 (and a few in 2014), access this webpage.


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Past Newsletters

Simply click on any of the date lines below to open up the newsletter. The newsletters are in Adobe’s PDF format, and will open in a separate browser window. (You’ll need Adobe Reader or another PDF viewer installed on your computer to open these files.)











AGM Minutes & Financial Reports

The AGM document packages are distributed to all attendees of an AGM. They contain the SPA financial statements up to the date of the AGM, as well as the minutes of the previous year’s AGM. The minutes of each AGM are also posted for each year.

AGM September 2012

SPA AGM Minutes 2012

SPA AGM 2012 Document Package

AGM September 2011

SPA AGM 2011 Document Package

CoKL CAO Al Horsman’s Note to Sturgeon Pointers and follow up documentation

AGM September 2010

SPA AGM 2010 Document Package

SPA AGM Minutes 2010-09-05

AGM September 2009

Financial Report September 2009