Why be a Member?

Why we need you

This is a list of what SPA does for the community and why we need your participation.

A short summary of this is as follows:

Trust Lands: The properties in Sturgeon Point that were transferred to a trust prior to amalgamation so that the community could have direct control of maintenance and development of the lands for the benefit of the residents of Sturgeon Point.

They consist of:

The Playground/Park – The Park has been completely overhauled in the past years under SPA to have playground equipment meeting current safety standards and provide a gathering place for the entire community. This requires annual inspections and maintenance to keep in compliance with the standards and to provide the kids with a safe and fun place to play. Regular lawn maintenance is also required and a porta-potty is provided during cottaging season.

The Leaf Dump – One of the great features of this community is the forest, but trees also dump their leaves on us once a year and since we don’t want to be one big compost pile they need a home. The leaf dump was a long established service by the Village and would likely have been closed after amalgamation but by transferring this to SPA it has been maintained. BUT it is also one of the biggest expenses for the Association. The leaves need to be pushed back every year to make room for the next dump and every few years the compost needs to be loaded and trucked away. We believe this is a significant cost benefit to the members of SPA who would otherwise have to haul leaves (as opposed to Leafs) to the landfill.

The Public Beach – Life at the beach is always good and this is the access to the lake for the majority of our residents. The furniture, dock, raft and buoy system are all maintained by SPA not to mention the cleanup of the aquatic vegetation.

The Upper Wharf – This is where the more athletic swimmers go. It is also a fishing area and the Association is working to find the balance between those two uses. Recent upgrades to the stairs, railing and benches have made this a very pleasant place to go. The Shelter is a historic building which is a wonderful feature, but in need of significant repair and maintenance.

Plus: Flowers, gardens, signage and general beautification of the Village.

There are also some social activities that SPA coordinates and pays for:

  • Canada Day BBQ
  • Civic Holiday BBQ and Dance
  • Civic Holiday Races

 Please join now and help SPA continue to support this great community!