SPA Overview

The Sturgeon Point Association (“SPA”) is a non-profit Ontario corporation without share capital incorporated Dec. 27, 2000 (#001454242).  SPA was created in anticipation of the amalgamation of the Village of Sturgeon Point into the newly created City of Kawartha Lakes (“CoKL”), an amalgamated municipality comprised of the old County of Victoria and seated in Lindsay, which occurred on July 1, 2001.  On amalgamation, all municipal property of the old Village became the municipal property of CoKL, and CoKL became responsible for all municipal government services.  CoKL also collects all municipal taxes.

Prior to amalgamation the Village Council decided that certain Village lands that were unessential for amalgamation (e.g. beach, playground, upper wharf, leaf dump) should be transferred to a trust to be held for the benefit of the Sturgeon Point community rather than merge into CoKL.  The Trust continues to own those lands, and SPA administers and operates those lands on behalf of the Trust for the benefit of the Sturgeon Point community.

SPA also organizes community events, and promotes the interests of the Sturgeon Point community within the CoKL.

SPA is governed by internal By-Laws, and administered by a Board of Directors elected at an annual general meeting of the membership, typically held on the Sunday of Labour Day weekend.  The Board may have between five and twelve members, and usually operates with ten.  Board terms are limited to three years.

The Board of Directors elects Executives to manage the operations of SPA.  Board meetings are held periodically to carry out the mandate.  The Board communicates with the membership through periodic newsletters and via the SPA web-site.

Mission Statement  (as per the articles of incorporation)

The Sturgeon Point Association is a voluntary organization established to represent the interests of the permanent and seasonal residents of the Village of Sturgeon Point following its amalgamation on July 1, 2001 into the City of Kawartha Lakes.  One of the Association’s primary functions will be to ensure that the historical character of Sturgeon Point, as defined by its original municipal boundaries, is maintained and enhanced to preserve the unique ambience and atmosphere that gives Sturgeon Point its special appeal.  The Association will also represent the interests of the community by working with elected representatives and governments at all levels in matters of mutual interest.

Trust Lands:

There are five parcels of land held by the Trust and administered by SPA.  See Schedule “A” below for a more detailed description.

1)      Vacant lakefront lands – Lake Street east of First Street

2)      Government Dock and Rain Shelter – Upper Wharf

3)      Playground and Park

4)      Public beach

5)      Leaf dump

The Sturgeon Point Association – Shedule  “A” –  Lands

The following 5 parcels of land were owned by the former Village of Sturgeon Point and were transferred by the Village to a trust for the benefit of the Village community on April 2, 2001 by Registered Instrument # 0380081.  The lands are managed by The Sturgeon Point Association

  1. Vacant Lands East of First Street on Lake Avenue Comprised of Block A, Plan 518, Village of Sturgeon Point, Township of Fenelon, County of Victoria, containing approximately 0.2 acres of land.  These lands are vacant, forested and form a small “greenbelt” on the lakefront. 
  2.  Government Dock and Storage Building Lands (Upper Wharf)Comprised of Parts 1 and 2 on Plan 57R-7926, containing approximately 0.6 acres, including the dock.  These lands are subject to certain restrictions as to use and transfers of the lands, as contained in Instrument #0363557, dated August 6, 1999, imposed when the federal government transferred the lands to the village.  These lands contain the concrete wharf, the rehabilitated rain shelter (now a heritage building) and a Trent Severn Waterway water gauge station.
  3. The Playground LandsComprised of Lot 6 and Part of Lot 5, Plan 73, Village of Sturgeon Point, Township of Fenelon, County of Victoria, containing approximately 1.73 acres of land.  These lands contain the playground and rain shelter.
  4. The Public Swimming Beach Lands Comprised of Parts 2 and 3 on Plan 57R-8428.  It was originally thought that the entire public beach area was included in this description, but due to historical anomalies the lands technically include only a small irregular portion of the concrete pad.  Most of the beach area lies within the road allowance of Lake Street, now owned by the City of Kawartha Lakes due to amalgamation, although the road does not occupy all the lands.
  5. The Leaf Dump Lands Comprised of two parts:  the entranceway is effectively a continuation of First Street north of Irene Avenue, being a strip approximately 58 feet wide by 355 feet deep known as Part of Block B, Plan 73, Village of Sturgeon Point, Township of Fenelon, County of Victoria;  the leaf dump area is known as Part 1, Plan 57R-8387, containing approximately 1 acre.