2024 SPA Volunteer Drive!  

Community participation is essential to everything SPA does.  Our little village has thrived for 125 years thanks to the dedication and support of residents and cottagers volunteering their time to make everything run smoothly and to maintain our trust lands.  To keep this spirit alive, we’re excited to kick off our 2024 SPA Volunteer Drive!  

We’d love for you to join SPA’s team of volunteers.  Whether it’s serving on the SPA Board, organizing or lending at hand at events or helping with community initiatives – there are so many ways to get involved. Volunteering is a great way to  connect with neighbors, learn new things, and really feel part of the community.  And guess what? Teens can earn school credit for their volunteer hours! It’s a fantastic chance for our teens to get involved, gain some experience, and make a real impact while also meeting school requirements.

We are actively recruiting volunteers for SPA’s Canada Day festivities on June 30th to help with set up, food service, the Silent Auction Bake Sale and clean up.

If you are interested in helping with this or any of our other events, please fill out this form and we will be in touch.

Let’s come together to keep Sturgeon Point vibrant, welcoming, and beautiful for everyone.