Al Horsman’s AGM follow-up note to Sturgeon Pointers

As many of you know, Al Horsman was invited to speak at SPA’s AGM on September 4th. Al’s presentation was well received, and he engaged in a lively question and answer session following the presentation. A number of issues were brought up through the course of that Q&A, and Al has followed up with an email and some relavent documentation in support of some of the concerns that were raised. Al has asked that I share this letter with the community and make the documentation available.

Here are three supporting documents submitted by Al to follow-up on questions raised with regards to water quality on our lakes. Click on the document titles to open the files (in PDF format).

  1. Source Planning Protection Update;
  2. Water Conservation Memo, Council Mtg Sept 6, 2011;
  3. Water Conservation Presentation, Council Mtg Sept 6, 2011.

Below is the text of Al’s email:


I apologize as I had meant to follow up much sooner. I nonetheless wanted to thank again yourself and members of the Sturgeon Point Association for the invite and warm welcome at your AGM meeting of last September 4, 2011. I was particularly pleased with the candid questions asked of me and trust was able to provide some value and insight in my responses.

Yours is a unique organization and community that the City looks forward to continuing to work with as we collectively move forward to address the various economic, environmental and social issues arising from increasing population growth in the region.

At the meeting, three main issues seemed apparent from the questions and following discussion including water quality concerns, road safety and economic development. I provide some quick follow up information on these below for your membership’s interest. A fourth issue was raised respecting property assessment (MPAC) that I of course direct members to their provincial representatives for comment.

First, on the water issues I attach here two presentations and one background report recently presented to Council relating to water quality and source protection issues being looked at by the Kawartha Lakes Regional Conservation Authority and ourselves. This work complements planning efforts being undertaken through the City’s current secondary plans under the recently approved Official Plan as well as the development of an Integrated Community Sustainability Plan (ICSP) to satisfy federal program guidelines (see

Both of these planning efforts in turn also receive public input from other groups, associations and the general public including the water resource boards, working groups and tables that interested citizens such as your Chris Appleton are members of and jointly look at local (e.g. blue algae water testing at local beaches) as well as regional (e.g. blue algae impacts from upstream) considerations/issues. Our staff are similarly exploring/developing relationships with various partners such as Fleming College, Trent University, OCWA, provincial government, etc. towards the creation of an International
Centre of Excellence for the research and policy analysis of water quality issues. In short, water quality remains a very high priority for the City of Kawartha Lakes as our very name implies. We therefore very much appreciate all interest and assistance we receive for these efforts including SPA’s support in whatever way it can.

Second, I have been in touch with our Public Works group who indicate that they continue to work with your association to address issues such as road speed, maintenance including cutting back brush at corners) and winter control. They were not aware of the community’s possible investigation of traffic calming opportunities but nonetheless are able to assist with information should this remain an interest. If he hasn’t already, your Eric Jordan is encouraged to ask his Public Works contacts about this potential.

And third, sustainable growth is a key priority for the City of Kawartha Lakes. From the perspective of economic development, this means attracting and retaining strong business investments that understand and embrace the community’s economic, environmental and social priorities – i.e. in colloquial terms “good corporate citizens”. Work continues to further refine our development tools such as subdivision plans, building permits to reflect
the City’s strategic priorities during implementation. To sound like a broken record, population is expected to grow by over a third during the next 20 years and our choice is to let it happen or manage it in sustainable ways. We prefer the latter.

As a final comment, I again offer that yourself or members of your organization are welcome to contact my office if ever there is a major issue or concern that you’d like to raise. I’m more than happy to respond and trust you are equally open to questions coming from my end.

Thanks again for the outreach and warm reception. Enjoy what has started out as a picturesque Fall and I look forward to seeing you at Council if you are able to attend the deputation your daughter’s participating in next week.


Albert Horsman

Chief Administrative Officer
City of Kawartha Lakes (
(705) 324-9411, ext. 1296
[email protected]