2011 Church News

2011 News

An archive of news items from 2011. Visit the main “church news” page for current information.

News for the week of August 7, 2011

The Salvation Army Food Drive was a great success this year. In a letter read out to the church on Sunday, words of congratulations flowed from the Salvation Army for the money raised and the food collected.

Not only was this event for a worthy cause but several volunteers managed to have their efforts count towards community volunteer hours.

Many thanks to Susan Benson for organizing and for those that helped to make this event a success!

August Long Weekend Salvation Army Food Drive

This year the food drive is being done a bit differently. Find out more!

Sturgeon Point History Event @ the Church 9:30am, Saturday July 9th

The Development of Sturgeon Point and some of the Early Families
a 1-hour talk by Liane Kennedy, Coordinator of The Sturgeon Point History Project
Saturday, July 9th, 2011
Sturgeon Point Union Church
Admission is Free… Donations are appreciated…
For more information, please call Liane Kennedy at 705-887-3419 or email stptphotoproject@hotmail.com

News for the Week of July 3rd, 2011

This past Sunday, July 3rd marked the start of another season of church at Sturgeon Point with Anne Simmonds from the United Church of Canada providing this years’ first sermon.

Anne has a number of workshops taking place in Toronto in the Fall:

October 15-16
Workshop: “Good Grief! Befriending Loss in Ourselves & Others”
Central Toronto location
9:15 – 4:30 each day
Link to Information and Registration.

October 29-30
Workshop for Women: “Befriending our Bodies”
Central Toronto location
9:15 – 4:30 each day
Link to Information and Registration.

Be sure to check out Anne’s Blog!

Click here to access Anne's Blog

A reminder about the Salvation Army Food Drive taking place on the August long weekend. The collection process will be slightly different this year so stay tuned!

Historic Photos Needed!

An old photo of the church
A photo of the church circa 1915

Were you married at the Sturgeon Point Union Church?
Did you have your children baptized there?
Did you preach from the pulpit?

The Sturgeon Point History Project is looking to celebrate the Sturgeon Point Union Church and is looking for pictures and printed materials related to the events that took place in our Church.

A snapshot of the church.
The church around 1970.

If you have images or materials, including wedding invitations, photographs, church circulars, eulogies, etc., that you are willing to share we would love to have them. We will scan them and return the originals to you. Please call Liane Kennedy at 705-887-3419 or e-mail them.