Halloween Trick-or-Treating Households


The current 2020 list of households shelling out is below! 

There are currently 17 children who will be trick-or-treating

I will keep updating this page until Halloween

Bill Beggs and Belinda Wilson272nd Street
213rd Street
Darlene & Greg Young104th Street
Brenda and Bill Stevenson174th Street
The Halls.55th Street“The Acorn”
185th Street
Jeff and Pat Harris66th Street
Jan Naylor89Forest Road
Anne DesBrisay and Ken Nyhuus1Henry StreetSouth end of Rosehill, Follow the pumpkins to the Front Porch on the lake side of the house!
Kate Gilchrist7Henry StreetRosehill
Joni Lindsay and George Wall11Irene Avenue
Liz Wallis18Irene Avenue
Ken and Kate Imrie32Irene Avenue
John and Sarah Gleeson42Irene Avenue
Tom and Cathie Anders57Irene Avenue
Judy Lightbound93Irene Avenue
John & Fairlie Poole117Irene Avene
The Taylors114Lake Avenuebottom of 6th Street, The Corn Cob
Mark and Susan Benson815Sturgeon Point RoadCrandella