Sturgeon Point in the News

Recent activities in our small corner of the world have attracted some interest from the media. The Park in the Woods project was mentioned in both The Lindsay Post and The Promoter. 

The park project is certainly deserving of attention, but Sturgeon Point isn’t just about the park. Kawartha Life thought that the SLSC’s ongoing program deserved some attention in their big summer issue, and we’ve captured that article for you too. You can read any of these articles (in pdf format) by clicking on the appropriate link below:

  1. Park in the Woods, The Lindsay Post, July 10, 2009
  2. Park in the Woods, The Promoter, August 7, 2009
  3. SLSC, Kawartha Life, Summer 2009

If you see any mention of Sturgeon Point in the news, please let us know. We’ll archive the articles and preserve them for all to enjoy over the years to come.  And if you have clippings of past articles about our community, we’d much appreciate your sharing them with us so that we can build up an archival history of our community on our web site.