Street Dance and the 171st Regatta

The long weekend is over, Rick and the band have packed up and gone home after the street dance and barbeque on Saturday night, and the 171st running of the Sturgeon Point Regatta has now joined the 170 previous regattas in the history books. Both events were very succesful. A big thank-you goes out to all of those people who helped organise, prepare food, cook, clean up, and do the many other small jobs that get done to make these events work. A special thanks goes out to Maureen McKellar who headed up the street dance event.

This year’s regatta was deftly handled by Simon and Patti Aspinwall, who took over from the long-time stewardship of Larry and Leslie Thomas. The turnout was tremendous, the weather was great and there was much excitement as everyone participated in or watched the morning’s events. Thanks once again to the gang at Swananoa for generously hosting the events on their beautiful yard. The afternoon events at the Public Beach were somewhat abbreviated by the cancellation of the canoe races due to rough water and the lack of available crash boats. Much fun was had by all in any case. Click on this to see the group photo of the attendees of the morning races.

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