Mid Ontario Sailing Regatta this weekend – July 25 – 26

SailingOur own Sturgeon Lake Sailing Club is hosting the 2009 Mid Ontario Championship Regatta this weekend. This is a big event that attracts a large number of participants. Sturgeon Point comes up big to host a few hundred competitors and families in our small community every year the Regatta is held here. You’ll almost certainly notice a few tents and a whole lot of young sailors out and about our community this weekend.  You’ll certainly notice an unusually large number of sailboats on the lake – its quite a sight. Let’s hope for fair winds and good weather to help make our visitors feel welcome.

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  1. To the ‘Village’
    A big thank you for your patience and enthusiasm for our just completed Mid Ontario Regatta. Every other year the sailors in the community invite 200 or so of their sailing buddies to share Sturgeon Point with the the Sturgeon Point regulars. For the Sailing Club, this is a big deal event. Our Regatta is hugely popular largely because sailors feel so welcomed in our little community and are treated so well by you and your neighbours. Outside of Sturgeon Lake, our Club is most known as the home of the Mid Ontarios.
    This year’s Regatta was as good as it gets: nice winds (and the rain largely held off during the day), really talented sailors, lots of older masters sailors competing (some in their 70s) and a great job by the myriad of volunteers – both sailors and non sailors – and appreciative guests.
    A full report is on the http://www.slsc.ca website – link to the report as follows: http://www.slsc.ca/mids/ Thank you from the club.
    Finally, please speak to me if you have any suggestions, comments, criticisms, or kudos. We try to improve this event every time it is held. Your feedback is welcome – you can send your emails to [email protected] or track me or Biz Agnew or Leslie Thomas or Richard Roberts or Madge Barr down.
    Hugh DesBrisay

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