Bike Safety Update

For those travelling to and from the Sturgeon Lake Sailing Club, there is a new leg of the bike path. This provides an alternate bike route into the club from the top of the hill by the Wroe’s greenhouse.

When you pass the Wroe’s driveway, look for a path to the right, just before you get to the downhill. Take the right, and you will emerge at the north end of the Boathouse.

Remember, this is still a path and not a roadway so please use caution when navigating the terrain.

A reminder that anyone under the age of 18 MUST wear a helmet when riding their bike or anything with wheels.

For anyone under 16, parents and guardians MUST ensure the child is wearing a helmet.

The “2-4-1 Helmet Salute” is an easy way to make sure your helmet fits right so it can protect you:

  • the edge of the helmet should be two fingers above the eyebrows to protect the forehead;
  • four fingers to ensure the straps meet in a V shape just below the ears;
  • one finger should fit between the chin and the chin strap; and
  • it should not shift around more than an inch in any direction.
The “2-4-1 Helmet Salute”.

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