Kawartha Lakes Incentive Grant Program

June 13, 2019 – A new program has launched in the City of Kawartha Lakes to provide incentive funding for landowners and community groups who undertake projects that will improve the quality of surface water across the municipality.

The Kawartha Lakes Incentive Grant Program will assist with implementing best management practices on private land within the municipality. Up to $30,000 is available for landowner incentives with an additional $10,000 available for community groups.

“What we have heard repeatedly is the need for an incentive-based program to assist with projects,” explained Holly Shipclark, Stewardship Coordinator at Kawartha Conservation. “Through extensive community consultation, we developed the Implementation Action Plan, which in conjunction with our lake management plans and implementation plans, outline how we can support our lakes and the actions homeowners can take to be part of ensuringthe health of our lake today and in the future.”

The newly-launched Kawartha Lakes Incentive Grant Program will further support efforts to protect and enhance lake quality and health through a variety of stewardship projects.

“This new fund it a great opportunity for landowners and community groups who want to get involved with helping the environment and getting incentive grants to do part of thework,” said Ms. Shipclark. “The landowner wins, the community wins, and the health and quality of our lakes win.”

The new program will have an initial single intake, with completed community grant proposals due by July 31. All initial site visits for the landowner grants must be completedby July 19 with the complete application submitted by July 31.

“It is a quick turn-around time for applications, but we know there is a number of property owners and community groups who have some great ideas and great projects that thisincentive program would be ideal for,” said Ms. Shipclark. “We look forward to working with landowners and community groups to help bring their projects to fruition.”

To learn more about the Kawartha Lakes Incentive Grant Program visit Kawartha Conservation online at http://kawarthaconservation.com/stewardship/landowner-incentive-grants or contact Holly Shipclark by email at [email protected] or call 705.328.2271 ext. 240.

City of Kawartha Lakes Septic Rehabilitation Loan Program


City offers loan program to help homeowners solve septic problems

Applications are available at the city’s website or at Municipal Service Centres

 Kawartha Lakes This Week

(KAWARTHA LAKES) Applications are now available for the City’s septic rehabilitation loan program in which local homeowners can get money to perform repairs on their septic systems – or even get them replaced if necessary.

“This program provides a unique opportunity for rural residents to upgrade their septic systems and obtain financing that will be paid on their taxes at a lower interest rate than what most people would be able to achieve through conventional lending institutions. A great time for homeowners to address concerns with their private systems to improve the environment and ultimately local water quality,” says Mayor Ric McGee.

City of Kawartha Lakes council has set aside $150,000 for the program, and loans will be handed out on a first-come, first-served basis and repayment schedules vary from five to 20 years, depending on the amount of the loan. The loans will not exceed 25 per cent of the current value assessment of the property or $35,000, including taxes.

If the property in question is owned by more than one person, all owners must sign the agreement with the City with the loan being a lien against the property. Also, if there are other financial agreements attached to the property, applicants must comply with their obligations to other lenders because this loan takes priority over other registered interests appearing on the title.

For more information or to get an application, visit the city’s website or a Municipal Service Centre.


Chris Appleton receives Individual Conservationist Award from Kawartha Conservation

Image of Chris AppletonAt its Annual General Meeting on January 22, 2014 Kawartha Conservation presented to Chris Appleton the Individual Conservationist Award as part of its 2014 Environmental Recognition Awards. The award recognizes outstanding people who have undertaken projects, demonstrated leadership, and inspired others to create a healthier watershed. More>>