Updated Village Maps

This year we’ve released an updated version of the Sturgeon Point Village Map. This map includes all of the residents’ names, and is a very useful map when trying to identify who lives where within our community. This is not only useful for relative newcomers, but also for those with long generation-scale roots at the Point.

We’ve stepped it up a bit this year by involving the Fleming College Geomatics Institute in the creation of the updated map. With the help of their expertise, we’ve extended the map beyond the traditional boundary of the Village to include all of Sandy Point Road. The new map is in colour, and it is printed on semi-glossy paper at a 18: x 24 format. This map looks terrific and is quite easy to read.

We have a sufficient number of maps to provide one for every house and cottage on the Point. The printing cost at the larger colour format was not insignificant, and so the distribution of the maps will be limited to households with at least one SPA member. Once you sign up or renew your membership for 2011, you can receive a map for you home or cottage.

For details on how to get your map, vist our Map Page.

Beach Testing Results

An astute reader of this blog pointed out that our Beach Testing Results link on our Links Page wasn’t working. This pointer is appreciated, and the oversight has been remedied. In light of the recent algae bloom advisory elsewhere on Sturgeon Lake, this is an appropriate time to remind Sturgeon Pointers that our beach is tested on a weekly basis. Those test results are also posted weekly and you can see them by clicking here. Interested readers can find this link permanently located on the Links Page under the Weather, Traffic, Fishing, Swimming header.

You’ll be happy to know that our beach has faired very well over recent history. In any case, Happy Swimming!

Church Page Updated

The Sturgeon Point Union Church page has been updated. There’s a new flyer and a new email address to use if you want to contact the church. The Church received a new cedar roof this spring, and it looks just beautiful. There’s a photo of that new roof on the updated page too. Visit the page by clicking here.