2016 SPA Treasurer Report

click-here-for-the-2016-report2016 REPORT FROM THE TREASURER


2015 was an eventful year for SPA. The upper wharf was damaged from that brutal winter’s heavy ice formation. A concrete beam on the face of the wharf, critical to keep boats and young swimmers from being swept under the structure, was seriously dislodged. Further damage was feared from shifting ice later in the spring. We hired Jackett Construction to remove the damaged concrete beam and replace it with steel beams. It was difficult and expensive work but has stood up to this past winter. The total repair bill was $10,239.

Later in the year a planned removal of leaves from the leaf dump was carried out. This is required every few years to make room for the inevitable fall of the leaves (and the Leafs). That expense totalled $6,328. Fortunately that is only required every 6 to 7 years.

These major expenses were on top of the normal yearly maintenance and beautification projects at the park, the beach and the Upper Wharf and sponsorship of the social events. In total it pretty much wiped out our reserve fund.

The winter of 2016 was much kinder to us with no surprises and our plans for the up-coming season are modest. They include:

1. Replenishing the wood chips around the playground equipment.

Playground standards require a soft landing area around equipment where falls may occur. Our playground uses wood chips that are specifically produced to be resistant to rot and carefully screened to remove other debris. Typically 12 inches of chips are required and we are well short of that. When the chips are topped up a rebound test is usually performed. We are looking for a volunteer to jump off the equipment while we measure how far you bounce.

The estimated cost of the chips, with tax is $1,700 plus the cost of spreading them of approximately $400. We have been awarded a $750 grant from the City of Kawartha Lakes to help with this expense.

2. Upper Wharf Shelter

The historic Upper Wharf Shelter is a landmark in our community but as happens to the best of us it is deteriorating. A committee is in place to investigate the needs and options for the shelter and input from the community is welcome. As a minimum the building foundation, what there is of it, needs to be replaced and the structure leveled. Other improvements are being considered but all require a good foundation. Funding is being sought and SPA will keep you informed of our progress on that front. We welcome your thoughts on the future of the Shelter.

3. Beautification

Our SPA directors and volunteers are always working diligently on making the village an attractive place to live and visit. Flower beds, park furniture, and shelter from the sun are a few of these accomplishments. We received a $1,000 grant from the City of Kawartha Lakes this year towards this effort and look forward to a blooming summer. As always volunteers are welcome and needed.

4. Social

Sturgeon Point must be unique. When we hold a celebration such as Canada Day and Civic Holiday we see most of the community turning out and enjoying the comradery (and the BBQ). SPA is proud to sponsor these events and I personally invite you to stop by the membership table and say hello. Cash or cheques are welcome. Our membership fee is $40 per person, 18 years or over and can also be mailed to Sturgeon Point Association, RR3 Fenelon Falls K0M 1N0, or paid on-line through our web site www.sturgeonpoint.com .

It is shaping up to be a great summer. Enjoy, and I look forward to seeing you in the community.

Bob LeCraw – SPA Memberships & Treasurer
Email: memberships@sturgeonpoint.com