Sturgeon Point Golf Club has a new web site

The Sturgeon Point Golf Club is open and looking forward to a great 2010 season. This year the Club has added a web presence to provide guests and members with easy access to Club news and information, including Club newsletters and league results. You can visit the site at: For its part, the SPA web site will continue to maintain a small page that provides a short introduction to the Club and a link to the Club’s site. All the best to everyone at the Golf Club!

Golf page update

The Golf Course Page has been updated and upgraded. You can now find the latest newsletters and scheduling information on there. You can expect to see a new newsletter every month in season. Check this site for the latest club news.

We’ve also recently introduced a new navigation tool that you’ll notice on the left hand side of this web page. It is visible from any page on this site, and lets you navigate directly to any page. This new widget will facilitate a better structure for the various pages and subpages on the site. Check back soon for more updates.