SPA Communications Report – 2017 AGM

Attached is the Communications Report for the SPA 2017 AGM.

Communications Report

A reminder that you can sign up and verify your email for the email distribution lists for SPA, the Sailing Club and the Golf Course online.

The SPA site is constantly being updated so check back often.

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SPA Annual General Meeting – Sun. Sept.3rd @10am

2017 Sturgeon Point Association
Annual General Meeting

When: Sunday, Sept.3rd @ 10:00am

Where: Sturgeon Point Union Church

Access the 2016 SPA AGM Minutes.

Notices for the 2017 AGM have been posted on bulletin boards throughout the community.

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Bears at the Point


There have been various reports of bears around the Point.

There is apparently a mother bear and two cubs. One of the cubs may be on it’s own now

As bears travel in search of natural food, they can be drawn to human-caused, unnatural food sources. These sources include:

  • Garbage
  • Bird food (seed, suet and nectar)
  • Food put outside for pets or wildlife
  • Compost, grease and food residue on barbecue grills
  • Food smell (baking or cooking with open windows or doors)
  • Agriculture crops such as corn and soya

For non-emergency encounters call the Bear Wise reporting line1-866-514-2327 (April 1st to November 30)

Call the Bear Wise reporting line if a bear is:

  • Returning often to your property
  • Roaming around, checking garbage cans
  • Breaking into a vehicle, shed, garage or unoccupied building
  • In a tree in an urban area
  • Pulling down a bird feeder or knocking over a barbecue
  • Injured or dead

For emergency encounters: Call 911 or local police if a bear poses an immediate threat to personal safety.

For information from the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry please visit

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2017 Civic Holiday Events

Civic Holiday LogoThere is plenty going on this weekend at Sturgeon Point.

If you are in the mood for sailing, participate in the Civic Regatta. This event is hosted by the Sturgeon Lake Sailing Club.

The Sturgeon Point Golf Club also welcomes you to play a round or two this weekend.

Have fun at the BBQ and Street Dance on Saturday night. Tell your friends you are going via Facebook.

On Sunday, start your morning off at the Sturgeon Point Union Church and donate to the Salvation Army Food Drive.

In the afternoon on Sunday there will be swimming and canoe races at the Public Dock.

The SLSC Civic Holiday prize-giving is on Sunday evening.

The weekend finishes with running and novelty races at Swanannoa.

The links and schedule is available online.

See you around the Point!

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