Time to renew your SPA Membership!

Have you renewed your SPA membership yet? 

It’s easier than ever! Membership dues can be paid online with PayPal, or by cheque mailed or dropped in our mailbox at the park. Membership renewal information is available online.

We have had a tough couple of years financially due to the ice damage at the Wharf and Public Beach docks. As a result, membership revenue is extremely important. Early payment and any donations would be greatly appreciated. All SPA communication continues to be by e-mail only to keep costs down.

SPA membership fees have been kept deliberately low because we ask each resident of your household 18 and over to be SPA members.

We have had a lot of new families that have moved to Sturgeon Point in the last few years. We ask all residents to reach out to the newcomers, welcome them to Sturgeon Point and ask them to join and to support SPA.

A number or members own rental units in the village. SPA requests that any rental property be treated as a separate entity and that a separate membership be paid, to cover the visitors and guests that enjoy all the Point amenities.

Payment is quick and convenient online!

2016 SPA AGM Today at 12:30pm

2016 Sturgeon Point Association
Annual General Meeting

When: Sunday, August 28th @ 12:30pm
Where: Sturgeon Point Union Church

The 2015 SPA AGM minutes are available online.

1. Approval of Minutes of AGM August 2015 – Phil Robertson
2. Trustee Report – Phil Robertson
3. Directors Reports:

  • Review & Approval of Financial Statements (2015 YE & 2016 YTD) – Bob LeCraw
  • Playground Update – Bob LeCraw
  • Social Report – Judy Haverkort
  • Communications Report – Jacqui Mutch
  • Roads and Maintenance Report – Jim Milford
  • Upper Wharf Committee – Trevor Biasi
  • President’s Report – Phil Robertson

4. Election of New Members – Phil Robertson
5. Other Business – Phil Robertson

All community members are encouraged to attend and participate!