Environmental WorkShop July 16th 10:00 am, at the Church

Algae! Doh!

On Saturday morning we’ll be hosting an informative meeting with multiple presentations. All deal with issues revolving around the health of our lake. The main event will be an Algae Workshop, presented by Dr. Emily Porter-Goff, who is heading up a two year study on algae in our lakes. The study was commissioned by the Kawartha Lakes Stewards Association and sponsored by the Ontario Trillium Foundation. Dr. Porter-Goff will discuss the important role that algae play in the lake’s ecosystem. Algae can also cause problems, and these will be discussed too. We will also get a chance to look at samples of common algae in our lake. You can even bring in water samples from the lake or your property so that Dr. Porter-Goff can identify it right there with her microscope!

In addition to the algae workshop, the morning’s agenda includes three other short presentations:

  1. Update on the Sturgeon Lake Management Plan (David Pridham Kawartha Conservation)
  2. Update on the Lindsay-Ops Landfill (Chris Appleton, Public Review Committee, Lindsay-Ops Landfill)
  3. Special presentation by Mayor Ric Mcgee on the CoKL’s environmental initiatives.

There will be coffee and refreshments will be served after the presentations. See you Saturday!

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  1. Wanted to thank SPA and the two Trent University students who put on a great event. Lots of great information was presented. Hopefully the residents of Sturgeon Point can put some of that knowledge to use over the next year.

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