Public lands are open!

Ford Nation reverses it’s decision on outdoor spaces

Hello again, Sturgeon Point Community.  Twice in one day! 

If only I’d waited until this afternoon, when Doug Ford reversed his decision to close outdoor spaces amid backlash from an infectious diseases physician and a petition that circulated with more than 5,400 signatures as of 4pm today.

Sooooo… the playground, beach and wharf are open for use.

Please enjoy these spaces with your family bubble and remember to respect social distancing.  SPA doesn’t sanitize the playground equipment, so use at your own “risk”.  

I love Merry-Go-Rounds, but even I’m getting dizzy!

We’ll keep you posted!

Stay healthy and sane,

Cat Medici
Director, Communications

Update on Ontario Government COVID-19 Restrictions

Hello Sturgeon Point Community,

By now, everyone has likely heard about the new Ontario Government COVID-19 restrictions.  While the restrictions affect everyone, SPA feels it necessary to point out how the restrictions affect our community directly.

The new restrictions ordered the immediate closure of outdoor recreational amenities, including playgrounds, tennis courts and golf courses.  As such, SPA must close our properties – the playgroundpublic beach and wharf.  The leaf dump will remain open.  While we will not tape the areas off, we ask the community to please respect the closures until we are out of lockdown, which will hopefully end after the six weeks that started April 8th (approximately May 20th, however, I won’t be surprised if it is extended again to cover Victoria Day weekend).

If any of you are like me, you may be feeling like a caged bird.  I find it difficult to be within the confines of my home for extended periods of time.  Although there are restrictions, please do take care of your physical and mental health by continuing to get outside for walks, runs and bike rides, to take advantage of our beautiful lake as the weather warms with swimming, canoeing, kayaking and SUP.

We’ll keep you posted as the situation changes.

Wishing everyone good health and sound minds,

Cat Medici
Director, Communications

Use of the Public Lands during the COVID-19 outbreak and Provincial State of Emergency

During this State of Emergency, the Sturgeon Point Association asks that all member of this community work together to help keep our residents healthy by not using the public lands: the beach, upper wharf and park.

We understand that may be difficult when you have little children that you have to keep busy and entertained, however we all must work together to keep our community safe.

Explore Fenelon Falls has some great COVID-19 resources on their website.  

Thank you for your understanding.  Be well.