The City of Kawartha Lakes & our Roads……

Roads were the topic of conversation at this week’s council meeting.

On Tuesday, the council of City of Kawartha Lakes endorsed a controversial proposed five-year roads capital plan.  This plan has Forest Road to be repaved in 2016.

Today’s Lindsay Post wrote an article about what happened at this week’s meeting and how the councilor’s felt about this road plan:

Our Councilor, Brian Junkin, was quoted to say “he was not totally in favour of the five-year-plan, saying he had visited with three associations in his ward recently, having to tell one their road was “not even on the radar. They weren’t happy,” and another one they weren’t slated until 2016.   I was lucky to get out of there in one piece”

Brian Junkin did however vote in support of the plan.  He is quoted to say in the article that the plan is a work in progress and will be looked at yearly.

The SPA board is taking this topic of our roads very serious and meeting to discuss how to get them in better standing.

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