The City of Kawartha Lakes & our Roads……

Roads were the topic of conversation at this week’s council meeting.

On Tuesday, the council of City of Kawartha Lakes endorsed a controversial proposed five-year roads capital plan.  This plan has Forest Road to be repaved in 2016.

Today’s Lindsay Post wrote an article about what happened at this week’s meeting and how the councilor’s felt about this road plan:

Our Councilor, Brian Junkin, was quoted to say “he was not totally in favour of the five-year-plan, saying he had visited with three associations in his ward recently, having to tell one their road was “not even on the radar. They weren’t happy,” and another one they weren’t slated until 2016.   I was lucky to get out of there in one piece”

Brian Junkin did however vote in support of the plan.  He is quoted to say in the article that the plan is a work in progress and will be looked at yearly.

The SPA board is taking this topic of our roads very serious and meeting to discuss how to get them in better standing.

Road work in the final stretch…

After a brief hiatus on our road rehabilitation, Mr. Grader and Mr. Roller finally started their jobs on Second and Third Streets today. This was great fun to watch for fans of those “Big Truck” shows. The paving work will start tomorrow, although it is uncertain whether that task will be completed in a single day. It will almost certainly be completed on Friday. There will be clean up and finishing work to do afterwards. This may drag into next week. I think we can reasonably expect the road crews to be clear of the Village before the August long weekend. Residents of Second and Third Streets will rejoice!

Road Paving Work has Started!

Second Street has been ripped up and covered with gravel, and bottom of Third Street has just started receiving the same treatment. Removal of the old asphalt surface will continue on Monday morning (July 11), and will likely be completed that day. There will be no road work done on Friday or the weekend.

The paving crew is not expected to arrive for approximately one week after the initial roadwork is completed. In the meantime, please excercise caution when driving along Second and Third Streets!

The new Village Sign installation complete

Refurbished Sturgeon Point Village Sign

The frame supporting the village sign at the entrance to Sturgeon Point has been replaced. The old wooden frame was barely standing, although the sign itself remained in good condition.  A new steel frame was fabricated and installed by Cottrell & Krell, a local metal working and mechanical shop. The frame includes an additional mounting feature below the main sign, providing more opportunities for signage in the future. The original painted sign was freshened up by John Lyon, the artist who created the sign many years ago.

You might notice that the sign has a little more visibility than it did before. This is because the sign now stands a little higher off of the ground, and the area around the sign has been cleaned up too. As a final touch, one thoughtful neighbour has added some holiday decorations to the sign – thank you Maureen!

A significant part of the funding for this project was provided through a matching grant from the CoKL’s  Community Partnership and Development Fund.