City of Kawartha Lakes Septic Rehabilitation Loan Program

City offers loan program to help homeowners solve septic problems

Applications are available at the city’s website or at Municipal Service Centres

 Kawartha Lakes This Week

(KAWARTHA LAKES) Applications are now available for the City’s septic rehabilitation loan program in which local homeowners can get money to perform repairs on their septic systems – or even get them replaced if necessary.

“This program provides a unique opportunity for rural residents to upgrade their septic systems and obtain financing that will be paid on their taxes at a lower interest rate than what most people would be able to achieve through conventional lending institutions. A great time for homeowners to address concerns with their private systems to improve the environment and ultimately local water quality,” says Mayor Ric McGee.

City of Kawartha Lakes council has set aside $150,000 for the program, and loans will be handed out on a first-come, first-served basis and repayment schedules vary from five to 20 years, depending on the amount of the loan. The loans will not exceed 25 per cent of the current value assessment of the property or $35,000, including taxes.

If the property in question is owned by more than one person, all owners must sign the agreement with the City with the loan being a lien against the property. Also, if there are other financial agreements attached to the property, applicants must comply with their obligations to other lenders because this loan takes priority over other registered interests appearing on the title.

For more information or to get an application, visit the city’s website or a Municipal Service Centre.

Road Work at Sturgeon Point March 2014

Update from Jim Milford – Roads & Maintenance

March 10, 2014

Jim met with City of Kawartha Lakes roads staff on March 10th. Irene and Lake Avenues were graded and driveways cleared of the ice from the grading. The grader winged back the ice and snow as far as possible, Irene is a bit wider now. The roads were also sanded and salted.
We have had an exceptional amount of snow this year and the plough operators are running out of places to put it all!

Sturgeon Point Association AGM

This Sunday, (September 1st) is the Sturgeon Point Association’s Annual General Meeting – 10:00am @ the Church.

We encourage all community members to attend and participate. 

At this year’s meeting we will be discussing many important topics such as the leaf dump, the Upper Wharf, and the future direction of the Sturgeon Point Association. 

There will also be community reports by the trustees and about the water system.

Our Councillor Brian Junkin will be there to talk to us about the City of Kawartha Lakes and to answer any of your questions – maybe about our roads?!

We are also hoping to have Mark Fisher, the Chief Administrative Officer of the City of Kawartha Lakes to talk to us about the direction the City is taking.

We hope all can come up to this important meeting to get informed on what is going on in our community and our city.  The Sturgeon Point Association believes this is a great chance to hear the communities views and opinions.

After the meeting, there will be refreshments served.

Also, anyone who hasn’t picked up their 175th Anniversary T-shirt or pennant, can do so at the meeting.

Bon-fires in the Point

Hello Sturgeon Pointers,

There are some activities that are synonymous with summer time and gathering around a bon-fire is certainly one of the most enjoyable for some people.  A number of recent events have spurred me to remind everyone that fire safety is very important in our community of mostly old wooden cottages among the trees.  

In your travels you will notice signs that look like the one below on sign posts on the sides of the highways that tell us about the risk level of having a fire.  The ratings help us all to use our best judgment when considering lighting a fire.  Keep an eye out for these signs when you head to town for ice cream!





There is a City of Kawartha Lakes By-Law that outlines the conditions for having an open air fire.  Some of the pertinent points are:

  • A fire must be at least 15 meters away from any structure (house, garage, etc) and 5 meters from any fences, trees, brush piles or other combustible materials
  • An adult must supervise any fire at all times until it is extinguished
  • A fire must be fully extinguished (not just left to burn out on its own)

The full By-Law can be found here; I think we should all be familiar with its contents.  If you have any questions, please contact the City or the Fire Department.  

Please burn responsibly!



 Lisa Vehrs
Sturgeon Point Association
[email protected]