‘Fenelon Trails’- IMPORTANT UPDATE

The proposed plan for the ‘Fenelon Trails’ subdivision development has been unveiled.

Applications have been submitted to the City of Kawartha Lakes for the “Fenelon Trails” subdivision development on County Road 121.

The proposed plan for the ‘Fenelon Trails’ subdivision development has been unveiled.

For those who wish to know what is being proposed, and the impact on the Sturgeon Point and local communities’ interests, you are encouraged to attend the public information session being held on Tuesday, November 14th, 2023, at the Fenelon Falls Community Centre.
Your input is invaluable and encouraged via your attendance or submission of comments/questions to [email protected] and [email protected].


(second edition, 2023)

by Kawartha Lake Stewards Association

KLSA is a nonprofit volunteer organization formed over 20 years ago to monitor the water quality of the Kawartha Lakes. Volunteers conduct water quality tests across many Kawartha Lakes, including Sturgeon, and the results are published in KLSA’s annual Report. All the annual reports, and other specialty publications, are available on the KLSA website.

Most recently, KLSA has published the second edition of the Aquatic Plants Guide. This guide is a well-produced and very informative booklet, with photographs, illustrations and vital information about the many aquatic plants (don’t call them weeds) in our ecosystem.

Hard copies of the Guide are available on request, free of charge. Some copies have been placed in the SPA Publications Boxes by the Community Bulletin Boards.  It should also be available on the KLSA website in due course.

KLSA is supported entirely by donations and volunteering. All support is welcome.