Upper Wharf

In the quietness of the fall, there have been some busy guys around working on the Upper Wharf area.  W. G. Jackett & Sons have installed natural stone stairs at the Upper Wharf to make it more accessible for everyone in Sturgeon Point.  Below is a before and a few after pictures.

The majority of the work has been completed, but there is more to do.  We are hoping that everything will be finished by the spring.

There will be a stair railing installed, the posts (also called “bollards”) are to be replaced, and general beautification with plants and flowers to be done in the spring.

Next time you are near the Upper Wharf – check out the new steps.  We would love to hear what you think of them.  And please let us know if you would like to help with the beautification in the spring!

Sturgeon Point Shinny

Well, it looks like it might be a green Christmas this year in Sturgeon Point.  That also means no skating on the lake.

Fortunately, the annual Sturgeon Point Shinny is happening again!

Here are the dates, times, & places:

Wednesday Dec 28: 2-4 PM – Bobcaygeon Arena
Thursday Dec 29:  3-5 PM – Fenelon Falls Arena
Friday Dec 30: 3-5 PM – Fenelon Falls Arena

For those of you who haven’t participated before, we use 2/3′s of the rink for shinny and 1/3 for recreational skaters, little ones and UN observers. We play 5 minute periods split between younger skaters (roughly 12 and under) and the rest of the motley crew. This keep the little ones out of harms way and the old guys get a break every five minutes to catch their breath.

Please share them with anyone you think that might be interested in joining in the fun and games.

This a great deal, just $20 for families $10 for singles / day.

Having seen the pace of play in years gone by, we recommend the use helmets for one and all. Trust me you won’t be the only one out there sporting protection.

See you on the ice.

Special thanks goes out to Larry Thomas who has been instrumental in the organization of this fun event each year.

More information can be found on our facebook page or calendar.