Sturgeon Point Properties

Hello Sturgeon Pointers,

The last of our social events at the park for 2012 was a great (if not wet) success!  Thanks to Judy Havercort for organizing, and to everyone who contributed to and participated in the Halloween Party and Trick or Treating on October 27th.  The park has now been prepared for the winter: the port-a-potty has been removed, the grounds have been tended to and the toys have been wrangled.  We encourage people to continue to use the park throughout the fall/winter/spring since it is just as enjoyable now as in the summer. 

There appears to be an anonymous network of generous people who donate toys to the Park and Public beach.  This is greatly appreciated by the kids and parents as it adds to the fun of spending time at both locations.  We do request that when dropping toys off you ensure that they are in like new condition with no broken parts.   Please also ensure that the toys donated to the park be limited to sand box toys.  This summer there were other types dropped off that ended up spread out over the property, which created a mess and resulted in more time clearing the way for lawn maintenance.  While at the park or beach, if you see any toys that have gotten damaged please put them in the garbage box on site. 

Something we all need to be diligent about is how to deal with garbage at the Park, Public Beach and Upper Wharf .  All garbage, especially food related or diapers, should be placed in one of the garbage cans inside the box by the road (at the Wharf, the box is on the east side of the rain shelter near the bottom of the new steps).  Please note: there are other garbage cans at the Park for use during social events.  Please do not put anything in these other receptacles as they are not “put out” on garbage day and will draw racoons and other unwanted critters who spread the contents around the grounds.

Thank you for helping SPA keep our public areas tidy!


Lisa Vehrs
Sturgeon Point Association
[email protected]

AGM & Upper Wharf Celebration


The AGM is where SPA presents its finances and reports on its activities. Several new Directors will be nominated to replace those stepping down. There are also several reports from related community organisations such as the Lake Water Irrigation System and the from the Land Trustees. As a community meeting it remains the best opportunity for Sturgeon Pointers to meet and bring forward any issues, make suggestions, or to voice concerns.

Councillor Brian Junkin will be on hand to say hello, an once again we’ll have a special guest speaker from the City of Kawartha Lakes. Lance Sherk, Director, Economic Development will be addressing the AGM on issues ranging from local development strategies to the heritage and the role it plays in the City’s plans.

Everyone is welcome. Please drop by!


Over the past year we have carried out some significant improvements to the grounds at the Upper Wharf. A natural stone stairway has been installed to improve access and eliminate a chronic erosion problem. A native wild flower garden has been created and new signage installed. A committee of interested volunteers approved the design decisions and the gardens were installed by a dedicated crew of local gardeners. Once a seldom used property, the Upper Wharf grounds have now become one of the more popular community properties on the Point.

Come one, come all.  If you can’t make it to the AGM, please try to stop by the Upper Wharf to celebrate this newly improved area.

Blue Canoe visiting Sturgeon Point Wednesday and Thursday this week!

Kawartha Conservation’s Blue Canoe program technicians will be visiting shoreline properties in Sturgeon Point on August 8th and 9th. This program brings you personalized tips and advice that will help you improve and protect your lake and property. Blue Canoe representatives will also be presenting a “Dock Talk” at the Upper Wharf on August 18th from 1:00 to 3:00 p.m.

You can find more information about this program at the Blue Canoe website. You can also contact the Blue Canoe program office at the following contact numbers:

Phone: 705-328-2271 ext 228
Email: [email protected]

Upper Wharf

In the quietness of the fall, there have been some busy guys around working on the Upper Wharf area.  W. G. Jackett & Sons have installed natural stone stairs at the Upper Wharf to make it more accessible for everyone in Sturgeon Point.  Below is a before and a few after pictures.

The majority of the work has been completed, but there is more to do.  We are hoping that everything will be finished by the spring.

There will be a stair railing installed, the posts (also called “bollards”) are to be replaced, and general beautification with plants and flowers to be done in the spring.

Next time you are near the Upper Wharf – check out the new steps.  We would love to hear what you think of them.  And please let us know if you would like to help with the beautification in the spring!