Annual Civic BBQ and Street Dance

Our annual Civic weekend BBQ and Street Dance is 2 weeks away.

And what makes the Street Dance so rockin’ – the music!! And this is where SPA needs your help.

What music do you want to hear that night?  What songs get you up dancing?  What songs gets your feet tapping? What songs gets you humming? or What songs gets you smiling?  What are the classic Sailing Club Friday Night Dance songs you want to hear?

Please tell us so we will have that music at the Street Dance!  Leave comments here or on our Facebook page.

SPA is also looking for all budding DJs in our community.  Do you like spinning tunes?  Then please let us know and you can have a DJ shift at the Street Dance.  If interested, either email us at [email protected] or leave a comment on our Facebook page.

Can’t wait to see everyone with their dancing shoes on in a few short weeks!