Warning: Beach Posted – Suspected Blue-Green Algae Bloom (August 5 2011)

Warning sign at the beach

Today (August 5th) the Ministry of the Environment (MOE) posted the Sturgeon Point  Public Beach because of a suspected Blue-Green algae bloom. If you visit the Public Beach, you’ll notice a warning sign posted to the garbage bin.  “Posting” means that using the lake water or swimming in the lake may pose a health risk. Although the Upper Wharf area has no sign announcing the posting, you should assume that the posting applies that location as well as any private waterfront properties here in Sturgeon Point.

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Road Paving Work has Started!

Second Street has been ripped up and covered with gravel, and bottom of Third Street has just started receiving the same treatment. Removal of the old asphalt surface will continue on Monday morning (July 11), and will likely be completed that day. There will be no road work done on Friday or the weekend.

The paving crew is not expected to arrive for approximately one week after the initial roadwork is completed. In the meantime, please excercise caution when driving along Second and Third Streets!

Sturgeon Lake Lagoon Blue-Green Algae Advisory Lifted

Some of you have expressed some concern over the advisory that was recently posted by the Haliburton, Kawartha, Pine Ridge (HKPR) District Health Unit. That advisory was lifted today after the Ministry of the Environment’s testing at the affected area determined that the toxins produced by the algae bloom no longer pose a threat to human health. The algae bloom did not affect the waters off of Sturgeon Point. You can read the news release by clicking here.
Any health advisories affecting the area around Sturgeon Point will be posted right here on this web site. Serious advisories that impact our normal activities on and around the lake will be sent out by email to the SPA email distribution list as soon as we are aware of them. If you’re not on that list drop us a line and ask to be put on it.

Bear in Sturgeon Point

This morning (Sunday, August 8 ) a black bear was spotted in a tree behind the Sturgeon Point Union Church.  The bear was discovered at about 7:30 a.m., and left the scene two hours later, missing Desmond Howard’s sermon at the church by 30 minutes. The bear obviously had other places to be.

The photos shown here were taken by Cacky Phipps and family, who watched the bear from their cottage. Thanks to Cacky for making them available.

This is a good time to remind everyone to beware of bears, and to give them plenty of respect. If you see a bear and believe that it poses a possible threat you can call the BEAR REPORTING LINE at 1-866-514-2327. For life threatening emergencies call 911.

Following a few simple steps can help reduce the chances of human-bear interactions. One of the most important is to reduce the smell of garbage in our village by keeping garbage in closed containers and not putting it out until the night before or morning of garbage pick-up. To learn more about black bears and what you can do to reduce the potential for danger from them, please visit the MNR’s BEARWISE web site.