Environmental Meeting – This Saturday!!

Saturday July 20nd 10:00 AM – 12:00 Noon   Sturgeon Point Church

SPA is hosting the third annual Environment Information Session to present topics we think will be of interest to the residents of Sturgeon Point.  The Kawartha Lakes has a diverse environment from the Canadian Shield to the St Lawrence Lowlands, “The Land Between”, and the quality of this environment is of major importance to us all.  This session will feature the following guest speakers and topics

Mr David Pridham  Kawartha Lakes Conservation  Up-date on the Sturgeon Lake Management Plan

            This is a very ambitious program to document the lake and near-shore characteristics and to develop recommendations that will guide land-use planning in the area.

Ms Samantha Burke  Graduate student Trent University  Benthic macro invertebrates as indicators of water quality plus a brief introduction to the Kawartha Lakes Steward Association document ‘The Algae of the Kawartha Lakes’

            Copies of the ‘The Algae of the Kawartha Lakes’ will be available at the Session.

Samantha will describe how studying the critters in the water tells us a lot about the health of the lake.  There will be a quiz at the end to see how many know what Benthic macro invertebrates are.  Hint  GOOGLE it

Chris Appleton  Treasurer of Kawartha Lakes Steward Association and Resident of Sturgeon Point Outline of the Objectives and Activities of the Kawartha Lakes Steward Association (KLSA)

            KLSA is involved in many interesting environmental studies and programs, such as the Sturgeon Lake Management Plan and is a valuable source of information on the issues and health of our local environment.  

Lucas Tyukodi  Invasive Species Community Outreach Liaison – Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters  Discussion of invasive animals and plants: Rusty Crayfish, Round Goby, Garlic Mustard and Emerald Ash Borer.

175th Civic Regatta – Running & Swimming Races!

This August long weekend, Sturgeon Point will be celebrating that the first Sturgeon Point Regatta was held 175th year ago!

Part of the events held this weekend are the annual Swimming/Water and Running Races.

The Swimming/Water Races will be held on Sunday, August 4th, 2pm at the Public Beach.

The Running/Novelty Races will be held on Monday, August 5th, 10am at the lawn of Swananoa.

We are looking for volunteers to help with races.  If you are interested in being a race judge or can help with water actiities, please let me know!!  [email protected] or 887-1989




Volunteers Needed

Calling all Sturgeon Pointers and friends of the community!
SPA is looking for help from any and all members of the community, whether it is for 5 minutes or 5 hours.  All help is appreciated!  Below are descriptions are the help we are currently looking for.  We are sure there is something for everyone so, please contact us ([email protected]) if you have any time to help us.  Any of these volunteer positions would be great for students looking for community hours!

175th Civic Weekend Anniversary
There are some special things planned for this weekend, but we need help!  We are looking for people to help out at all the fun events (Civic BBQ & Dance, Running Races, Water Races), people to help with the coordinating and selling of the memorabilia items, and people to help put together some historic displays.

Social Events
Do you have a favourite social event at the Point? Do you love doing some of the behind the scenes organizing? Or do you just like to help out where a BBQer is needed?  Our Social Director is looking for volunteers to help out at the SPA events. What role you take and for which event/s is up to you.

Social Media / Webpage 
Are you a fan of Social Media? Always on facebook or love designing websites?  Well then you are the right person to help the Communication Director.  She is looking for someone to help out with all of SPA’s social media and website related tasks.