2012 AGM Document Package available online

The 2012 document package is now available online on our archives page. It contains the Agenda, last year’s minutes, and this year’s financial statements. You can download it immediately by clicking here. Hard copies of the package will be available at the AGM as well. See you at the AGM on Sunday morning at 10:00 a.m.!

AGM & Upper Wharf Celebration


The AGM is where SPA presents its finances and reports on its activities. Several new Directors will be nominated to replace those stepping down. There are also several reports from related community organisations such as the Lake Water Irrigation System and the from the Land Trustees. As a community meeting it remains the best opportunity for Sturgeon Pointers to meet and bring forward any issues, make suggestions, or to voice concerns.

Councillor Brian Junkin will be on hand to say hello, an once again we’ll have a special guest speaker from the City of Kawartha Lakes. Lance Sherk, Director, Economic Development will be addressing the AGM on issues ranging from local development strategies to the heritage and the role it plays in the City’s plans.

Everyone is welcome. Please drop by!


Over the past year we have carried out some significant improvements to the grounds at the Upper Wharf. A natural stone stairway has been installed to improve access and eliminate a chronic erosion problem. A native wild flower garden has been created and new signage installed. A committee of interested volunteers approved the design decisions and the gardens were installed by a dedicated crew of local gardeners. Once a seldom used property, the Upper Wharf grounds have now become one of the more popular community properties on the Point.

Come one, come all.  If you can’t make it to the AGM, please try to stop by the Upper Wharf to celebrate this newly improved area.

2012 Membership

Even though the summer is coming to a close, it is not the end of the year for SPA.  The Sturgeon Point Association works all year round!  Not only are there social events still to happen in the fall, SPA manages the Trust lands that we all enjoy (beach, Upper Wharf, park, leaf dump – highly used in the fall!), and SPA is in constant communication with the City of Kawartha Lakes to make sure they are taking care of their responsibilities, such as plowing the roads in the winter, garbage pick-up, etc.

SPA membership dollars allow SPA to continue to meets these responsibilities.

If you have not filled out your 2012 membership form, please do!!  Membership registration only takes a couple of minutes, and you have two options. You can print out the SPA Membership Form 2012 and fill it out, or you can use our convenient and secure online payment option by going to our Membership Registration Page. If you choose the pen and paper option and you’re up at the Point, you can just put your form and payment directly into our mailbox at the Park.

Every membership makes a big difference! Thank you very much.

Environment Meeting

This is the fourth annual Environment Meeting. This year’s event presents 6 invited speakers and there’s something for everyone. These issues affect us all in many ways
At this meeting the following topics will be discussed:
  • Preserving Natural and Cultural Heritage in the Kawarthas – Mike Hendren
  • Lake Management Planning; Your Shoreline as Natural Heritage
  • The Future of Our Waterways
  • Lindsay-Ops Landfill Public Review Committee Update
  • Integrated Community Sustainability Plan for the CoKL

Rick McGee, Mayor of CoKL will also be attending this meeting.

This is an excellent opportunity to hear about what’s going on in our area and what’s being done about it. There will be refreshments served afterwards. Please join us.